2018 Chapter Award Nominees: Chapter of the Year- Temple University

NeWs flash: the National Conference is rounding the corner.

To kick off the event, NeW is giving each nominee for the conference awards the opportunity to express their thoughts about how NeW has shaped them as writers, thinkers, activists, and strong, conservative women.

This series will provide readers and listeners with the opportunity to get to know the incredible NeW women up for our awards. These ladies are shaking up their campuses for conservatism. They are unstoppable. The series will consist of both audio and written interviews, so say tuned for more information and releases.

NeW at Temple University is one of the three nominees up for the “Chapter of the Year” award.  Karly Matthews, Chairwoman of NeW at Temple, shared with us the secret recipe for a fabulous chapter – and other fun details about NeW at Temple! Check out her answers below.

Q. Is it important for conservative women to find a community of like-minded women? What are the virtues of solidarity?

A. I think it’s really important to find like-minded people who can build you up and remind you of what you believe in. Especially in college, conservative women are few, and it’s important for us to support each other. (Dayvigo) There isn’t one single brand of feminism, and we conservative women prove that. 

Q. How did such a community shape your experiences at college?

A. I love being a part of NeW because I find that even though all NeW members aren’t on the same campus or even in the same state, we support each other in our goals and endeavors. The dynamic is really humbling and encouraging.

Q. What is an essential attribute of every well-functioning NeW chapter, in your opinion? How has your own chapter been a good role model for others?

A. I would say that NeW at Temple was able to get off on the right foot last semester because the founding members worked really hard to market the club and find members on campus. Our social media presence, perfected by Vice Chair Kimberly Burton, has really been the key in garnering support.

Q. What are your responsibilities at your chapter? How do you fulfill these?

A. I am the current Chair, so I am responsible for running and organizing meetings, communicating with members and speaking with NeW National. We are now a decent-sized chapter of 5-10 members at any given meeting. 

Q. How does your chapter overcome complications or challenges together?

A. I think that conservative women are extremely resourceful and resilient, so we have been able to band together and navigate any challenges that we have had on campus.

Q. What NeW book inspired the best conversations within your chapter?

A. We’ve focused mostly on articles, but I remember last semester we had a great discussion about “stay-at-home moms” and the importance of supporting all women in their lifestyle choices. Women are not always great at supporting each other’s choices because we feel pressure to represent all women, so we had a great discussion about how women need to make the right choice specific to them and their families.

Q. What are some of the highlights your chapter has had this year?

A. I really enjoyed hosting PA State Representative Martina White this semester. I am her spring intern, so it was really awesome to share her insight and passion with my chapter after seeing it first-hand in her district office. She’s a great example of a conservative woman making a difference in her community, which is really inspiring.




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