Dating Tips from a Financial Journalist

This is a guest post by NeW NYC leader, Laurel Recsetar. NeW NYC hosted our annual anniversary celebration last night. To celebrate, we discussed two of our favorite topics: economics and dating. Our special guest was Jon Birger, award-winning business journalist and author of Date-onomics. We all have friends with dating stories. “My Tinder date showed […]

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Celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s Birthday This Week

Happy 91st Birthday, Margaret Thatcher! Today we remember and pay tribute to a woman who paved the way for future generations of conservative women in government, politics, and international leadership. After studying at Oxford University, Thatcher went on to pursue a life in policy and politics. She was elected to the British Parliament in 1959, […]

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Amber Smith: Combat Helicopter Pilot and Conservative Role Model

With her great-grandfather, grandfather, father, mother, and two sisters as pilots, it is no surprise that Amber Smith joined the “family business” as a Kiowa helicopter pilot. Stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, Amber was constantly in the line of fire long before the ban on women in combat was lifted. Recently, Amber has published a […]

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Working For Young Women Report

The Network of enlightened Women is pleased to partner with the Independent Women’s Forum to offer you a new Working for Young Women Report. This Report offers students a different approach than what they normally hear on campus on everything from higher education reform to economic opportunities. These policies are about returning power to individuals and creating […]

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Internship Spotlight: Krista Chavez

NeW is pleased to spotlight one of its former interns in her latest endeavors. Krista Chavez is junior at American University studying Communications, Legal Studies, Economics, and Government. She previously interned with NeW during the summer of 2015 and has continued to take on internship opportunities. Please help us congratulate Krista by reading her Intern Spotlight. […]

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Internship Spotlight: Natasha Tax

Natasha Tax is the NeW Chapter President at Temple University. She is a senior studying Political Science and Spanish. Please help us welcome Natasha to the blog by reading her Internship Spotlight about her summer internship. Where did you intern this summer? Univision at the RNC How did you hear about the internship opportunity? Temple […]

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