Young Professionals Spotlight: Rebecca Gonzales

August 1, 2017 | Diana Stancy

Meet Rebecca Gonzales, a member of our Young Professionals Chapter in New York City! Check out how NeW has impacted her life.

Where and when did you become involved in NeW?

I became involved in NeW when I was a freshman at American University. The AU College Republicans brought NeW’s President and Founder, Karin Agness Lips, to speak on campus. After that event, I founded and served as the president of our NeW Chapter.

What drew you to NeW originally?

There was definitely a need on my campus. American University is incredibly liberal, so it was refreshing to gather with women who shared my values and concerns. Most importantly, NeW encourages intellectual discussion about the unique challenges that women face.

What was your favorite aspect about being involved in NeW?

Some of my favorite moments were when young women on my campus would feel comfortable and confident enough to share that they were conservative with their peers because of the community that NeW created. I went from feeling very alone on a liberal campus to being surrounding by a community of bright conservative friends.

What is your current occupation or career interests?

I am the Constituent Relations Director at the Philos Project in NYC.

How has NeW shaped your young professional experience?

I am a brand new member of the Chapter in NYC, but in the first meeting I instantly felt at home. It was so refreshing to meet other conservative women who welcomed me into their circle. I look forward to continuing my relationship with the NeW NYC Chapter.

What piece of advice would you give to current NeW Women?

I would highly encourage young women on campus to dive into the community that NeW creates. Be willing to debate and disagree, but always affirm our shared values. Lastly, be confident and bold in your beliefs. You will face opposition on campus, but you will also earn so much respect in the path that you are building for your future.

Why is NeW important? How has NeW changed your life?

NeW is incredibly important because it is equipping and educating young women who are standing up for their beliefs in a time when that is important and challenging. NeW has provided me a network of support and resources that have made standing up for my beliefs so much easier.

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