Young Professional Spotlight: Jordan Ecarma

March 14, 2017 | Diana Stancy

We’re pleased to spotlight NeW DC member, Jordan Ecarma! Jordan is a young professional who works in digital media and founded her own news outlet, Learn more about Jordan here:

What attracted you to NeW initially? How are you involved with NeW?

I first got involved with NeW through a young professionals chapter in New York City. I was drawn to the opportunity to chat with other women about politics and culture in an environment that encouraged nuanced ideas and discussion.

What is one of your favorite memories from being a member of NeW?

While part of the New York chapter, I got to lead one of our discussions to talk about the “war on women” narrative after it took a hit during the 2014 midterm elections. It was the first time I actively connected my own thoughts about politics to what I’d been reading and learning about in order to share those ideas with other people. A small step, but a big moment for me nonetheless.

How has NeW shaped your experience as a young professional?

Before I ever thought of working in politics, I spent a long time listening and learning from voices on Twitter that I trusted and from reading news across a spectrum of outlets. Our group of NeW ladies gave me a place to find my feet as I learned to ask probing questions, explore issues and develop my own political stances and talking points. Then once I moved to DC, I already had a community in place with NeW where I could connect with other women who are similarly passionate about discussing politics and culture.

What advice would you give to conservative women in the workforce?

Some advice I’d give to all women: Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself. Whenever I finish a job interview, my No. 1 regret is inevitably that I didn’t go into greater detail about what I’ve accomplished or list more examples illustrating what I have to offer.

And some special advice just for conservative women: Ignore all of the narratives (you’re blowing them up anyway). People might tell you that you shouldn’t be pro-life or that you should be pro-ACA birth control mandate or that you can’t call yourself a feminist if you want or that you should overlook sexism when it happens. You are not obligated whatsoever to listen to someone who tells you that because you’re a woman, you should think X way.

The good news is that the narratives are breaking down before our eyes. I created Paradox because liberals and conservatives both told me that I had to pick between being pro-life and calling myself a feminist. But in the past couple of years, I’ve met more and more conservative women in who are passionate about empowering women and who value life, and I’m getting much more hopeful.

What great book, article or idea did NeW introduce you to?

I just read Emily Esfahani Smith’s new book, The Power of Meaning, after getting to meet her at a NeW quarterly brunch. It’s a thoughtful read, and I definitely recommend it if you need some inspiration from other people’s stories of struggle and triumph.

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