November 13, 2014 | Kasey Bethancourt

Upon first hearing a student say at my all women’s college “Not all men, but yes all women,” I was infuriated. If you haven’t heard this yet, it implies not all men are dangerous, but yes all women are victims.


After I heard this I did more research to make sure I understood this concept completely. I researched numerous articles and read countless #YesAllWomen tweets. I understand there are women who have experienced terrible sexual assaults and have been dangerously harassed; but I refuse to accept we are all victims.


Men have said offensive comments about my body, but I am not a victim. My male supervisor has shown favoritism to other male coworkers over me, but I am not a victim. These incidents do happen to most women, but that does not make us all victims; it makes us human.


Feminists like to use these occurrences as excuses for pity and advantages while they preach for gender equality. If they truly desired equality they would be tweeting #YesAllPeople.

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