Samantha Spillane

I am a proud conservative woman because I speak my truths and values even though they may be contradictory of the beliefs of my peers. I have grown up in a liberal community and was always told to conceal my true feelings in fear of backlash. I always found this quite troubling because all of my friends on the other side of the political spectrum could freely speak their minds yet I was silenced. At a certain point in my life, I had decided that I had enough. No longer would my first amendment right be hindered by fear, nor should it ever have been.

The podcast that has been most influential in the past weeks has been The Ben Shapiro Show. Although controversial, I find strong conservative values echoed in his words. I believe he is the leader of the millennial conservative movement. He holds true to his values, and I have found great strength in his stubborn persistence to maintain the core of conservatism. I feel as if we are losing our core values as political polarization plagues the United States and we need to salvage what we all have left, and Ben Shapiro is professing these values of conservatism to the next generation of leaders. We are listening.

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