Samantha Audia

Arlington, VA

We hear stories all the time about women being targeted, put down, and belittled by men. But my experience has shown me that no one is more critical of women than other women. Women bully each other more cruelly than men do. And it’s far too common to see a woman belittling the ideas and successes of another woman by whom she feels threatened. This reality is felt acutely by young conservative women. Being a conservative woman means going an extra mile to be taken seriously by your peers. It occasionally involves choosing to either lie about what you believe, or stand up for what you believe in and face ridicule. Few college career centers encourage women to go into conservative politics, pursuing a job in the field means it’s up to you to create your own opportunities, and becoming an expert is essentially self-study, because no professor is about to assign Christina Hoff Sommers. There are some definite pros to being a conservative woman: years of having to defend my ideas and deal with unwarranted hostility from members of my own gender did wonders for my self-confidence. It gave me the courage necessary to pursue an exciting, rewarding career, and to strive for happiness and fulfillment both professionally and personally. I’m proud to be a conservative woman, and to stand for values that grant women freedom to make their own healthcare decisions, negotiate their own wages, and be their own person. Thanks to Network of enlightened Women for adding so many new voices to the conversation!

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