Hannah Schuller

Grove City College

Conservative women are largely underrepresented in America today. Prominent leftist politicians and left-wing media figures desperately try to conceal the fact that there are many young women who oppose liberal policies and programs. Despite this, the most recent national election clearly shows that thousands of American women DO care about traditional values and conservative principles. I am thrilled to be a conservative woman in today’s America and stand up for the traditional values that I believe in! I believe that NeW is an incredible organization because it gives young conservative women a chance to show the world that conservatives do have a powerful voice. It is important that milennial women know that not all young college women have jumped on the liberal bandwagon, and that NeW is there to support and come alongside those who are wanting to stand up for the conservative movement!

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2018 Chapter Award Nominees: Chapter of the Year- Temple University

NeWs flash: the National Conference is rounding the corner. To kick off the event, NeW is giving each nominee for the conference awards the opportunity to express their thoughts about how NeW has shaped them as writers, thinkers, activists, and strong, conservative women. This series will provide readers and listeners with the opportunity to...

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