Emily Salmond

Milton High School

I am a young conservative woman because I take pride in my beliefs and want to share my voice to America. In a time with more scandals, slandering, and accusations than ever, it’s hard to express support in politics where discussing an issue often rises to controversial feuding.

It can be hard to stand by a politician when peers are criticizing and denouncing the same people you support. But the beauty of politics is that it can only exist with differences – you just have to know the right way to treat them. I take pride in my political beliefs because these are the values I live my life by and believe in, and that’s something I want to share and be proud of.

Sarah Palin has been a big inspiration for me because she is proud of her beliefs and encourages other conservative women to live the same way. Bay Buchanan is also a role model for me because of how influential and positively she changed America, enforcing policy that turned our economy around under Ronald Reagan and pulling us out of a recession. These women have not only played large roles in our history but they are even more inspiring in that they proudly state their beliefs and stand by them.

One of the biggest issues that I’m passionate about is abortion. I believe that abortion is an “undo button” for a pregnancy and shouldn’t be allowed to fix irresponsible behavior. Abortion is unethical and something I am firmly against, and I believe it is also taking a child’s life that has no voice.

Another issues that I’m motivated about is the Second Amendment. I believe every American has a right to own arms with the right gun safety knowledge and protective measures. This is a fundamental right and is a method of self-protection that the government cannot take away. Having a gun makes me feel safer and also would enable me to protect my family in the future, and I think gun control is not the solution to lowering gun-related violence.

The federal budget is another debate that drives me to participate in politics. Our budget has gotten out of control due to unnecessary spending and people taking advantage of our financial system. The government needs to cut lots of unnecessary spending and reform the requirements for food stamps and welfare to avoid spending money on thousands of Americans who chose not to work and pay taxes. America’s debt is enormous and only growing, and so far the government has done nothing to stop it.

There are so many issues that are debated in America today and as a proud Republican I am inspired and motivated to state my opinion and vote to make my voice count. Being a proud Conservative to me doesn’t just mean that my personal beliefs align with the party I chose to be a part of, it means I support those issues and will fight and proudly stand behind those issues because it’s my right and job to do so.

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