Diana Stancy

When I first started college, I gained a valuable skill: I was forced to defend the values that I cherished, upheld, and believed in with every fiber of my being. As I continued college, my political efficacy developed and I realized the “why?” of my political convictions. I’m a conservative because I believe in personal responsibility and individuality. I want to keep what I’ve worked hard for and I don’t want to share my paycheck with the government. Ultimately, I’m a conservative because conservatism empowers me to accomplish my goals and be the kind of woman who can make a difference in the world.

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NeW Spotlight: Bridget Schoffman, Florida Gulf Coast University

NeW Spotlight: Bridget Schoffman, Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) What is your major at FGCU? Finance What would you like to do after graduation? After graduation, I plan on working towards an MBA. This may be immediate or after a few years of work experience. I want to pursue a career in corporate finance.

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Report From the 2017 #ShesConservative Summit

Allie, Jessica, and I rose around 4 a.m. and packed the car to make the four hour trip from Charleston to Raleigh. Though it was an early morning, we drove with enthusiasm in our hearts and hot coffee in our hands as we watched the sunrise. We were ready to attend NeW’s first ever...

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