Danielle Root

University of South Florida

I’m not going to lie; being a conservative woman in this day and age is a very tough thing. You have to constantly put up with the interrogation from your ‘fellow’ students as to why you think the way you do; like you have a disease of some sort. You have to battle through the urge to speak out when your professor degradingly rambles on about something ‘stupid’ President Trump did, in fear of being reprimanded with a bad grade and persecuted for the rest of the semester; always being the butt of the class jokes, etc. You have to resist the urge of seeking out and telling how you have been discriminated against to a university department, or authoritative official, just to be told you are a being a ‘bitch’. You have to get up every day, knowing most people around you will hate your beliefs and not have any tolerance towards you; waiting to attack any moment with your ‘slip of the lip’.

Yet, through this all, you manage to put on a smile and stay strong knowing you are not actually alone; reassuring yourself to stand a little taller and stay proud. You may think I am listing reasons as to why I gave up or why you should not be apart of this system of thought. Oh, no. This is the furthest from the truth. The fact is I am a proud, empowered and independent conservative woman, and I would not be what/where/who I am today if it was not for these trials and tribulations making me stronger.

I think our journey together as conservative women is what makes us so driven and immediately bonded together at first meeting. We know the true definition of what it means to be a feminist and how real uniting in civil ways can create a real change in all aspects of society.

In uniting together, I believe there is great importance in having authoritative heads for our movement. Which brings me to some of my favorite conservative female role models. These following women encompass, to me, the fighting spirit and composure needed to spread the conservative word among people everywhere. From speaking around the world, to leading the country, to hosting charity events and even social women’s campaigns, these women have so much to offer.
First, is Katie Pavlich. She’s a role model to me because she is of the millennial generation and has always been fearless. She has an elegance about her that really helps her drive her point across, without coming off as overbearing. Next, is Tomi Lahren. She’s also a role model because she speaks out against the perceived ‘norms’ of what being a conservative is. I like that she breaks boundaries and tries to give viewpoints that will apply to people on both sides of the political spectrum. And last but not least, the great Condoleezza Rice. She is a major role model to me for so many reasons. I love that she is who she is and does not let negative comments get to her. She has stayed strong and true to her values in every decision she has ever made, thus making her a very trustworthy and reliable person. I also love that she as well breaks the stereotypical mold of what a conservative is ‘supposed’ to look like, be like and act like. Conservative people come from all different backgrounds, and those individuals who segregate groups of people based on race, culture, religion, etc. into unanimous ideologies; are the real bigots to fear.

Now, to talk about some of the main issues that drive me, I have to stop, look back and reflect on my life. From race inequality, to gender inequality and finally ideology inequality; these are all of the main impactful reasons that keep me fighting for justice and for what I know is right. As a child, I remember the moment that exposed me to racism. One day, a group of my friends excluded me because they realized I was not like them. I felt abandoned and hurt that people would be so shallow to judge me as a person based off of my skin color. Next, gender equality got personal for my family. My dad had been a nuclear engineer in the Navy and had received the highest level of certification for his field. After the military, he went to apply for a job. He landed an interview and he made it down to the finals between him and one other applicant. At the end of the final, he said something unexpected happened. The interviewer stopped, looked him in the eyes and said, “Look, I’m going to be honest with you. You are the higher qualified candidate and are exactly what we are looking for, but, unfortunately the other applicant is female, so she will make us look a lot better and help us meet our quota. I’m truly sorry.” Finally no matter where I go on campus, conservatives, republicans and even independents are being persecuted based on their beliefs. It’s funny how ‘liberals’ preach for safe zones, acceptance, anti-hate, etc. Yet, this is what they do. If you have a differing opinion from a democrat, I guarantee you, you will not be respected. This is inequality is what keeps me going.

Overall, we need to preach for peace, respect and truth for all. A conservative ideology is the true way to world peace and happiness. Liberals want to keep us divided and constantly bring up and create differences. This way, we the general public will stay upset and divided against our neighbors. Thus allowing the government to grow bigger and have more and more control over us all. Essentially, pulling the wool over our eyes. Meanwhile, both sides of the parties grow more and more radical. Nothing will get better without bonding over our similarities with one another. As a great man once said, a house divided against itself cannot stand! Stay proud!

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