Chaya Kosofsky

Bay Path University

I discovered that I was a conservative as a twelve-year old in seventh grade during the 2008 presidential primaries. A new teacher fresh out of one of the most liberal colleges in the United States became my teacher. Upon meeting her, I asked her if she supported Hillary Clinton for president. Without waiting for a reply, I said, “I do not support her because she is pro-abortion, and I am pro-life”.

A couple years later, this teacher told me I shocked her on that day. She ended up teaching me through tenth grade, and shaped the way I view politics. She did not try to change my perspective or beliefs; instead, she respectfully challenged me and urged me to understand all sides of each issue before forming my political opinions. Because of her, I make sure to follow stories from both sides of the media, and regularly read liberal platforms like Huffington Post and CNN.

I am a conservative woman because I am a Hasidic Orthodox Jew. I believe in the principles of the Constitution and of our Founding Fathers. In my house, we read books like The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin, which explains the problems with the Federal Reserve, and The Five Thousand Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen, detailing the Biblical foundations of our country. I am a conservative because I believe in a small, federal government with limited powers. I also try to vote based on issues important to me. Many people in our society today vote based on emotions or for a party. I vote for candidates who support a free-market economy and a deregulated society. I vote for the candidates who will protect my freedoms entailed in the Bill of Rights – particularly, my First, Second and Fourth Amendment rights. Finally, as a Jew, I vote for Israel.

I admire Nikki Haley for her outspoken remarks at the United Nations. Unlike previous ambassadors, she has come out strong against countries that aid terror groups. She has also condemned the UN for their constant beratement against Israel, while overlooking numerous human rights violations by countless other countries. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, is another conservative female role model. I find it ironic that the liberals label President Trump as sexist, when in reality, some of his top advisors are female.

I think that in an age where conservative women are shut down, it is our job to be proactive in opening the dialogue between the right and left. I do not think that violent protests are the solution to the political discord, and neither is hateful speech slung from one side to another. We have to understand that it is okay to disagree with other people, and we need to get that message out there. I saw my former teacher earlier this year, and while we still disagree completely on most political issues, we were able to carry a meaningful conversation and we continue to support each other.

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