Women of CPAC were Passionate, Inspiring

February 24, 2010 | NeW Staff

A Google news search of CPAC will likely yield the Ryan Sorba YouTube video, something about Dr. Ron Paul winning the straw poll and maybe the surprise visit by Dick Cheney. However, those of us who attended CPAC can attest that inspiring women were also highlighted at the conservative confaband were a breathe of fresh air for the political scene.


Rep. Michele Bachmann (below) delivered a stirring speech that convinced hundreds in the ballroom to choose greatness for our country rather than decline. Rep. Bachmann is a sincere, passionate leader who all women can admire not only for her commitment to conservatism, but also for her personal life. She is mother of five and foster parent to 19 children.

A forum held by the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute featured Phyllis Schlafly and Kate Obenshain, Marji Ross and S.E. Cupp, allconservative women who embrace their femininity as an asset and speak boldly about their convictions, even under fire. 


With all of these passionate, admirable political movers and shakers, feminist writers have taken no notice of them (and even openly condemned them as anti-women). To be pro-woman one apparently can’t advocate for more individual liberty, a return to family values and less government control. Hmmm…

Furthermore, as the Cosmopolitan Conservative reported, some feminist bloggers wrote that the presence of young women at CPAC was creepy. The Daily Beast said CPAC had somany college-age participants because it was a place for the like-minded to hook up.  Clearly, these writers did not experience the same CPAC that I did.

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