Women in the Workplace: A Shortage of Those Who Have The Corner Offices

June 2, 2011 | Elizabeth

Companies around the world are recognizing that they need top female executives in order to be competitive. An article in the New York Times earlier this year called For Women in the Workplace, An Upgrade Problem, shows that Europe is far behind the U.S. in the number of executives they have.

According to the Government Accounting Office, around 40% of private sector managers are women, where as in Europe the number is around 12%. The reason the numbers are low is businesses are having a problem getting women to the top.

“They are realizing that it’s really about changing the culture — and not just to one that is friendly to women, but to one that women would want to be a part of.”

Many have thought that because women stop working when on maternity leave, they are denied advancement opportunities. This isn’t altogether accurate, as studies show there are only about 5% of women on maternity leave on average at companies each year.

So why can’t companies attract and keep top women? What do you think?

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