Women and Health Insurance

October 12, 2009 | NeW Staff

Women find themselves at the center of the health care debate (yet again) with the confusion over gender differentiation. Happening in nearly 40 states, gender differentiation is when states allow health insurance companies to charge women more than men for the same coverage. Under Congress’s proposed health insurance bill this practice would be outlawed. Supporters of Universal Care want to equalize health insurance costs for men and women alike and ignore biological differences which result in different medical care.

Gender differentiation makes sense because women routinely cost more to care for than men, especially when the woman is able to have children (really, imagine that). Instead of accepting that men and women have different medical needs, media outlets print headlines that claim women are being price gouged by insurance companies. North Carolina lets insurers charge women more.

So what will happen if health insurance rates are equalized across the board to spread out the cost of a woman’s pregnancy, c-section and other women-only costs? Men would be forced to pay more for their health insurance and women less for the care that they are using. So, the cost of a woman’s health insurance would be partially subsidized by all men.

Do you think feminists who support the plan, like Judy Waxman, vice president of the National Women’s Law Center, have actually thought this through? In advocating for equal health insurance, women are left dependent on men for help in covering the cost of health care. Instead of recognizing the fact that men and women have different medical needs that will naturally cost more, feminists ignore the facts, and then support a bill that will make women less equal than men. If we only accepted the truth about gender differences, maybe we could make real changes to health insurance coverage that would support men and women instead of ignoring their differences.

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