Why the #cosmovotes party bus is good for conservative women

November 13, 2014 | Kasey Bethancourt

This past Tuesday the “deeply feminist” magazine, Cosmopolitan, sent a party bus as part of their #cosmovotes campaign to NC State filled with male models to encourage students to go vote.

The difference between proud conservative women and feminists is that we rush to the nearest poll to vote when we get off of work, while they need male models to tell them “voting is sexy” to convince them to vote.

While this speaks quite a bit for the values of liberal women, it says even more for conservative women. We didn’t have a party bus to get us to vote, but we still took over Congress. The confidence we have in the republican candidates were strong enough to get us to the polls.

Conservative women do not care if voting is “sexy.” We vote because we care about the integrity and future of our beloved country. We voted for the candidates that we know will move our country in the right direction. Our party was not worried about convincing us to vote. The democrats were a little nervous however about getting their votes after the failures some of their politicians have turned out to be.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. How desperate were the liberals for votes? A party bus full of male models desperate.

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