Why I am a NeW Woman

May 4, 2010 | NeW Staff

Going along with Holly’s sentiment, here is my own story of why I am a NeW Woman…

1.       Because I believe that men and women should be given equal opportunity in everything.
2.       Because there are innate differences between men and women and therefore, #1 does not mean establishing government quotas to ensure equality of outcome.
3.       Because radical feminism does not speak for every woman.
4.       Because a once soft-spoken freshman can learn to challenge liberal professors.
5.       Because women are worth more than their body parts.
6.       Because chivalry is not dead and men should be encouraged to still be men.
7.       Because we wear heels and our bras.
8.       Because personal responsibility is key to the betterment and longevity of our society- not claiming “victim” in the face of failure.
9.       Because boys deserve a chance to be men.
10.   Because I choose both: motherhood and career.

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