“Why Elite Women Hate Palin”

July 11, 2009 | NeW Staff

The news outlets are on fire with discussion of Sarah Palin’s resignation as Governor of Alaska.  Rather than rehash what has been put out there over the past few days, I though I would point out a bit of analysis unrelated to her departure from office.

This article, Why Elite Women Hate Palin, from Ann Marlowe of Forbes Magazine, is bittersweet.  She expresses what some might call respect for Palin for putting herself on the national stage and running for office.  On the other hand, she holds the same disdain her other “elite” female friends apparently have towards Palin.  The reason for their personal distaste of the Alaska Governor?  They think she’s “average.”  She didn’t come from a wealthy family, she didn’t go to an Ivy League school, and she didn’t get a passport until just recently.
For all of these reasons, these “elite” women wonder “If Sarah Palin can do it, why not me?”
Marlowe’s answer:  Palin has a “blinkered self-confidence” that only a few men have.  She believes that if her elite friends really wanted to be in Palin’s position they could be, they just have to try harder.  
Marlowe makes a good point:  Palin has a level of confidence that has allowed her to be on par with other men that have succeeded in politics.  But it’s a stretch to believe that that the author’s elite friends could simply flip a switch and somehow be able to do just what Palin has done.  That arrogantly discredits any qualities that make the Alaska Governor unique.  Indeed, she has something most of those elite women don’t have:  she is seen by many in her party as down-to-earth, real, and candid.
And as for being “average”?  I’d like Marlowe to point me in the direction of another woman who has risen to become a governor, had five children (including one with special needs), and very nearly ended up being a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.  Sadly, Marlowe couldn’t.  Because before Sarah Palin, no woman had ever done it before.
Ali McCormick
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