Why Dana Loesch Became A Conservative And Your Friends Will, Too

February 7, 2014 | Jordan Finney

Dana Loesch on The View this week.

Dana Loesch on The View this week.

Not all of your liberal college friends are going to spend the rest of their adult lives volunteering for big government presidential candidates.

The way we view political philosophy, and how it translates to practical public policy, often changes once we have children. The family has a way of settling us. Kids have a way of making us more inclined to think about someone beside ourselves.

In modern America, unmarried women are one of the most loyal voting blocs for the Democratic Party.  Not to say that all unmarried women are liberals—I certainly don’t fall into that category—but overwhelmingly they favor abortion and big government policies to a much larger extent than married women do.

Take this recent interview that The View did with Dana Loesch, a conservative woman who describes her former self as a “mean liberal” (

Do you know anyone like Dana? I do—and I’m sure that a lot of my liberal college friends will look back and say “I was a mean liberal,” too.

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