Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

September 10, 2009 | NeW Staff

“Gentlemen, If we lived in a world where no girl would have sex with you until after marriage, how would that change our culture?”
This question was posed today by one of my professors, Steven Rhoads, author of Taking Sex Differences Seriously, to the four gentlemen in our class. A brave young man boldly responded:

“We’d all be married straight out of high school!”

Many young women in the class were taken aback by this response. One girl was particularly upset, assuming this meant that men were only driven by sex and did not care about the other aspects of the woman. I think this is a faulty mentality and that this simply means sex and sexuality have been portrayed improperly to young men and women.

The young man in my class recognized that sex is too easy to come by nowadays making marriage less of a priority. Sex does not have importance or significance when it is freely given and widely available. If it were taken off the table, I believe, men and women would be able to connect at a deeper level without the temptation to succumb to sexual desires. Therefore, deeper relationships would develop at a faster rate and love would overpower lust. The motivation and urge to commit to a marriage, with the promise of expressing physical love,  would be overwhelming.

Do you think, as I do, that the young man in my class was right to believe that if sex were still treated as a privilege of married life, marriage would be more prevalent among young adults?

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