Why “A Woman’s Nation”?

October 28, 2009 | NeW Staff

Maria Shriver wants everyone in the United States to recognize that we are in a new era – an era where women command half of the workforce and comprise over 63% of breadwinners and co-breadwinners combined.  Supposedly, with this new era we now live in is “A Woman’s Nation”.  This is a problem for me; I very much like men. As much as I am proud to be a woman, I do not consider myself superior to men and I do not want to live in a world revolving around one gender.

Women have been complaining about inequality for years, but yet it’s okay for things to be unequal if they are in the favor of women?  I call on us, a generation of NeW women, to reject “A Woman’s Nation” and instead celebrate both sexes.

What can we do?  NeW at ASU hosted a Gentlemen’s Showcase last spring to recognize and appreciate the gentlemen at ASU, because being a gentleman inspires women to be ladies.  That is the kind of world I want to live in.  Erik Naylor, one of ASU’s top gentlemen commented:

“Women say it is hard to find a ‘good guy’. And I would agree, but a respectable lady is also rare to find. A true lady is someone that knows her identity and isn’t trying to create one. A true lady is a woman that knows she is beautiful and valuable and isn’t going to chase ‘boys’ or find her worth in her outer appearance.”

I love what he said about a true lady
knowing her identity.  To me, this means recognizing what I want as a woman and who I want to be, rather than what and who I should be.

Joel Swanstrom, another one of ASU’s outstanding men remarked:

“My father has and ever will be the guiding testament of what a man should be. He taught me what it means to be responsible. He once told me, ‘When you have a family of your own someday, the buck stops with you. You are responsible. If you need to pay the bills, you are the one who works overtime. If you are poor, you are the one who goes hungry.’ I saw my father live this every day. It didn’t matter what it was, if something needed to get done, it would get done, and my father would do it. He would fix the car, wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean the house… and he never complained. Nothing was beneath him. That’s what a man is to me; someone who lays his life down for the sake of others whether they deserve it or not. There’s no one too low to serve because you count others as greater than yourself. You place their well-being and their wants and desires above your own.”

Even more impressive is what Joel said next:

“What is a lady? Something far greater.”

Women have created this culture of discontentment in which we are coerced by radical feminists to believe that we must continually push past whatever is keeping us from reaching ever higher levels of success; we must be something more, something better.  “A Woman’s Nation” tells us it is not good enough to comprise nearly 50% of the workforce, that we must strive for more.  “A Woman’s Nation” is one which revolves around the challenges faced by women and works to ease the stress of being a woman.  Why, instead of it being “A Man’s World” or “A Woman’s Nation,” can we not support one-another and coexist?

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