When Did Abstinence Become the Dangerous Option?

October 28, 2009 | NeW Staff

Today, the feminist blog Feministing reminded its readers that it’s “National Comprehensive Sex Education Call-In Day.”  What’s that you might ask?  Well, it’s an appeal to call Congress to cut abstinence only education programs and fund comprehensive sex education programs.

Hold on for a second.  Isn’t the point of health care reform to improve our health care system?  How exactly does abstinence education threaten our system and increase our health care costs?  Many who advocate for a more liberal sex education program point out that teenagers are going to have sex no matter what, so we need to help prepare them for their sexual exploration.

I beg to differ.  Not only do comprehensive sex education programs go against the traditional values of the American people (remember, 53% of Americans wanted to promote traditional values according to Gallup), but they also do not achieve their intended results.  No one can deny this simple truth: Abstinence is the only truly safe way.  Contraceptives have never and will never be 100% effective.  By advocating for more sex education, we are exposing more and more young people to the best and “safest” ways to have sex, thereby opening the door for more sexually transmitted diseases.  Remember what Annemarie told us about sexual diseases from Carrie Lukas’s book?  It’s simple.  Despite the pressure to fund for more “comprehensive sex education programs,” we find that,

“The number of STD infections has continued to rise.”


Let’s do some simple logic here.  More sex leads to more transmission of sexually transmitted diseases which then leads to increased health care needs which then leads to greater health care costs.  So how exactly does “sex education” help us?  Wouldn’t we want to encourage less casual sex to decrease disease transmission?  The argument that abstinence education is bad for our health care system is flawed.

Most importantly, we need to understand the severity of such comprehensive sex education programs.  As young women, we should stand up against this sort of promotion.  The health and well-being of thousands of young women are at stake.  Casual sex causes emotional and psychological pain and heartache for young women.  Feminists teach that sexual freedom brings you happiness; however, for vulnerable young women, this simply is not the case.  Sex is not something we can just laugh and talk about lightly, it has deeper consequences.  How can we, in good conscience, encourage a sexually-loose mentality for our young people?  

NeW provides a different voice, one that embraces femininity and modesty.  These are the values we should be providing young women with.  We need to encourage young women to set higher standards and to stand firm on their principles.  Let’s not do the opposite with more sex education indoctrination.
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