What Ever Happened to Equality of Opportunity?

October 23, 2009 | NeW Staff

It seems as though men are to blame once again.  What this time?  Well, it’s simple really, they’re successful in math and science.  Feminists cry, “Sexism!!” in unanimous response.  Coupled with the reality that women earn a majority of bachelor degrees today, I can’t seem to figure out how male domination in math and the sciences inherently reflects sexism in the classroom.

A recent article in National Journal Magazine provides more insight into the flawed arguments of these “gender-equity cops.”  These feminists demand we do something about the so-called “discrimination” against women in math and the sciences.  And a big something.  They’re now pushing for a “Title-Nining” effect in  science and math departments at colleges.  Title IX, which forces colleges to provide equal numbers of male and female athletic opportunities, would now be applied to ensure equal number of men and women in math and science departments.

By advocating for equal representation of men and women in the sciences, feminists promote female self-interest. Let’s explore further why men tend to perform more successfully in math and the sciences.  In the article, author Stuart Taylor cites Christina Hoff Sommers, a leading scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and recent author of The Science on Women and Science.  Taylor uses the core of Sommer’s argument to prove why the sciences are not sexist:

“Innate differences in interests and (some say) in abilities, rooted in human evolution, incline women to pursue careers that involve dealing with people, while men focus more on things, numbers, and systems — and on spending every waking hour in the lab rather than at home with children.”

If this is true, then why do modern feminists keep pushing for the opposite?  They demand equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity, one of the key distinctions between first and second wave feminists.

What are the ramifications of such efforts by feminists to “equalize” math and the sciences?  Women will be encouraged and pushed in fields they have no interest in, while men will be discouraged from studies in math and the sciences that many are naturally inclined to pursue.  As well, this opens the door for more government influence and control.

And once again, we find the feminist contradiction: crying sexism and responding with, you guessed it, more sexism.  Women and men are biologically different, and within each sex, we see a wide range of personalities and individuals.  However, when we begin to generalize and equalize, we lose sight of what is important: the building up of individuals, both male and female. 

How do feminists continue to operate under the banner of being “pro-woman” when really they are both anti-female and anti-male in favor of self-interest?

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