What are “Women’s Issues”?

November 30, 2009 | NeW Staff

I stumbled upon a compelling piece about “women’s issues” today on American Maggie.  State Representative, Laura Brod from Minnesota, argues, “Everyone’s issues are women’s issues.”  How we have lost sight of that in this country!

Brod makes the case for why women should be involved in the political process and how we can do that without becoming territorial over “women’s issues.”  Instead of clinging to “women’s issues,” she argues that conservative women have an important role to play in changing the current status of things:

“It is the perfect time for conservative women to challenge the premise of the past view of women’s issues and set the record straight for the so-called ‘women’s groups’ out there. We need to break out of the box that the left has tried to put women in and break into a better understanding that women’s issues cannot be separated out. Conservative women, have a real and special opportunity in today’s political environment to change the debate and cut through the hum of the same ‘ol message and the same ‘ol messengers. It is time for us to put an end to the idea that left leaning groups corner the market on women’s issues or women candidates. It is up to us to bring forward good ideas, good solutions, good candidates, and good messages to show very clearly that women can be, should be, and are engaged in discussions and debate on a broad spectrum of issues—not just those the so-called ‘women’s groups’ have defined for us.”


NeW is a new kind of “women’s group,” and we are working to do precisely what Brod describes.  NeW women, in particular, should be encouraged and compelled by the opportunity we have to make a difference not just for ourselves but for the nation.  
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