V is for Violence, Valentine, Vagina … and Controversy

February 27, 2009 | NeW Staff

Blayne was interviewed for an Arizona State University campus magazine, College Affairs … exposing the study body.  (Yes, it is supposed to be a play on words.)  In the article, V is for Violence, Valentine, Vagina … and Controversy, Blayne is quoted at length about her opposition to The Vagina Monologues. 

Below is the section with her quotes.  You can read the rest of the article here.

“At ASU, the Network of enlightened Women, a conservative women’s club, promotes conservative ideals and intellectual diversity. Since the group was established in 2006, its members have been protesting The Vagina Monologues.

President Blayne Bennett says they believe the message portrayed by The Vagina Monologues does not serve as a vehicle to push the women’s movement forward.

‘The Monologues claims to empower women, but when I look at the script, all I see is the reduction of women to nothing more than a body part,’ Bennett says. ‘I do not want to seek the meaning of my existence from my vagina. I believe there is much more to me, and every woman, than a sexual organ. I believe a real power that women hold is in mysteriousness and intrigue. I am more than my sexuality, and my sexuality is a lot more than a body part.’

Bennett says NeW does not protest the play in an attempt to silence other women. Instead, Bennett says they advocate another alternative: the dignity of a woman.

In the past NeW has protested The Vagina Monologues by holding signs, handing out flyers, and hosting lectures about the production. This year, NeW is looking to offer an alternative to the production. The group will host a Gentlemen’s Showcase. Bennett says the main goals of the showcase are ‘to show genuine appreciation for the gentlemen of ASU and let women of ASU know that good men do exist.’ NeW will accept nominations for men who have performed a gentlemanly act at the NeW table outside of the MU and through e-mails to [email protected] A nomination must include the nominee’s full name along with a description of the gentlemanly act performed. The top 10 gentlemen, the students with the most nominations, will be honored at a dinner event open to the ASU public.

‘Women have the great potential to impact their lives and others if they take the initiative to require respect and honor from the men in their lives,’ Bennett says. ‘This would force the men to reevaluate their actions towards and perceptions of women.’

Well said.

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