The Wonders of Medical Technology

January 14, 2009 | NeW Staff

We see them on the covers of magazines next to the likes of Britney Spears and Brad Pitt. We see them on T.V., around town, in the news, and the doctor’s office. Being strolled, held, fed, you name it, by actors, high schoolers, politicians, and musicians. As women, we can’t help put notice: babies are everywhere.

I have many theories as to what has caused this increased interest in pregnancy and infants. I believe, at least in part, improvements in technology within the field of health care, both reproductive and life sustaining, have been influential. While some may contend these are two distinct fields of health care, a recent news story evokes many questions about the “viability” of a fetus.

“Jayne Soliman was declared brain dead but doctors managed to keep her heart beating until they delivered her daughter, Aya Jayne, by Caesarean section last week.
Soliman was given huge doses of steroids to help the unborn child’s lungs develop. Two days later, Aya was born, weighing 2 pounds, 1.5 ounces….. “It’s just something you can’t conceive — turning off your wife’s life-support machine and then going to see your newborn daughter,”

Recently, we have seen the question of the viability of a fetus discussed in politics through the “Born Alive” legislation. But the debate is still very divided and active. During his campaign, President Elect Barack Obama promised to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act”.  As man’s technology gets better, in that it is not only easier to have children but also keep people alive, we must tread carefully. Many ethical questions are being raised, and I hope we are equipped to answer them. I wonder if we will see some underlying conflicts in this area come to a head any time soon.

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