The War Against Boys: Chapter 6: Save The Males (Part I, Page 138-147)

October 27, 2010 | NeW Staff

Chapter 6 details the McLean Hospital study conducted by Dr. William Pollack, entitled: “Listening to Boys’ Voices”:

“On June 4, 1998, McLean Hospital, the psychiatric teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, issued a two-page press release announcing the results of a new study of boys. The release, headlined ‘Adolescence Is Time of Crisis for Even ‘Healthy’ boys,’ reported that researchers at McLean and Harvard Medical School found that ‘psychologically ‘healthy’ middle-class boys’ are anxious, alienated, lonely and isolated–‘despite appearing outwardly content.'”
The study found the following:
“‘As boys mature, they feel increased pressure to conform to an aggressive dominate male stereotype, which leads to low self-esteem and high incidence of depression. ‘”
“‘Boys feel significant anxiety and sadness about growing up to be men.'”  
‘”Despite appearing outwardly content, many boys feel deep feelings of loneliness and alienation.'”
Sommers goes on to point out that Dr. Pollack’s findings were not supported by persuasive data. In Sommers’ opinion, Dr. Pollack’s findings actually harm boys more than they help:
“Pollack’s explanation for adolescent male violence in schools contributes to the national climate of prejudice against boys. That is surely not his intention. It is, however, an inevitable consequence of his sensationalizing approach to boys, treating healthy boys as if they were abnormal and abnormal, lethally violent boys as ‘the extreme end of one large pattern.'”
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