The Twilight Message

July 6, 2010 | NeW Staff

As most people are aware, the new movie in the Twilight Saga came out this week. After talking to some friends who are fans of the series and have read the books, I needed a few questions answered. First of all, I found that many people think the series is fantastic simply because they believe it promotes abstinence before marriage. However, I do not think that is the message the series is really sending. I think Twilight is great from a purely entertainment standpoint. As a moral guideline for teenagers, it is sorely lacking.

It is true that in the series, the main characters Bella and Edward do not have sex in the traditional sense until they are married. Indeed, it is mainly the choice of the ‘hero’ Edward. Many plots feature the celibate hero. The hero is celibate for a variety of reasons. He may see it as a distraction from his goal. Others have had bad romantic experiences, feel unworthy, or have secret identities to protect. In this particular case, Edward is afraid of harming Bella. He is not abstaining from sex for any real religious or moral conviction. He is doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Does that still make it right? Additionally, if you are a teenage girl and your boyfriend is not a vampire, does the Twilight series tell you wait or does it actually encourage you to have sex?

Annalee Newitz brings up an interesting point when she observes that “all these teens ever do is jump into each other’s bedrooms and kiss and pant heavily. This is not a movie about avoiding sex: The sex is just taking place offscreen. ”

Additionally, many critics would argue that, thoughit is not sex in the traditional sense, the scene at the end of the movie Twilight is in fact a sex scene. When Edward has to suck venom out of Bella to save her life, we witness a very erotic moment. It consists of a complete loss of control, writhing, moaning, and obvious satisfaction. While it is not sex, it is undoubtedly sexual behavior.The Twilight Saga obviously promotes the idea that sexual behavior in a committed relationship is acceptable regardless of age. Please note that Edward is 109 and Bella is 17. Therefore, relationships with much older men are perfectly acceptable. Sexual behavior in committed relationships is acceptable. Sex is acceptable before marriage if no immediate harm will befall you.

While, I could continue to write about the misnomers that make up the Twilight Saga, I will simply say that no tween, teen, or woman should respect or model these characters’ behavior without serious thought to what they are actually representing. 

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