The Tiger Story

December 8, 2009 | NeW Staff

There’s a young boy sitting at his kitchen table.  He’s eating Tiger Wheaties.  He’s just watched Tiger win yet another major, and he feels a sense of pride that “his hero” is still on top.  Flash forward a few years, the boy has grown up a bit, but he still has an undeniable passion for golf.  But what does he see from his hero now?

The Tiger Woods story has shocked many of us.  He had it all: fame, fortune, an incredible golf game, a beautiful wife and family.  After the now infamous car crash over Thanksgiving weekend, it seems every day there’s more incriminating information exposing another mistress or another bad mark on his record.  He has already lost his Gatorade endorsement this week.  Though Gatorade claims that they had decided to drop the sponsorship before Tiger’s affairs were released, many don’t buy into that.  Nine women have been linked to Tiger Woods as mistresses.  Today, the news has revolved around Tiger’s mother-in-law’s hospital visit.  No specific information has been released, but that has not stopped the speculations from firing at rapid speed.

I’ve always so enjoyed watching Tiger play golf.  He seemed to have it so together, and you just knew he was the one everyone was trying to beat on the golf course.  I always cheered for Tiger on Sundays.  He had the “it” factor to his game.  I even, naively, thought he and his wife were such a happy and beautiful couple.  I was shocked and disheartened for him and for his family to learn of the sad life he has been living.  It’s times like these that cause me to reflect on how our society often dictates who “celebrities” are.  And very rarely, do we ever find that a celebrity’s a squeaky clean image matches up to reality.  

All the little “Wheatie” eating young kids out there have just watched their hero fall.  Big time.  How has Tiger come to disappoint so many of his biggest fans?  And beyond that, how has he done this to his own family?  But Tiger’s story isn’t so much about Tiger its a reflection of what our society has become and what we promote.

I’m disappointed on two levels.  First of all, we talk about the Tiger saga so casually. The media is having a field day with each new woman they find.  What saddens me more, though, is how Tiger could carry on a lifestyle like this in such a casual manner.  To me, this story shows just how little emphasis our society today places on family values.   
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