The Rise of Mommy Blogs

January 9, 2013 | Guest

By guest blogger Marjorie

In the blogosphere, one thing is certain: Mormon Mommy Blogs occupy their own distinctive space on the Internet. People from all walks of life seem to be attracted to following these picture-perfect families. One self-described “standard-issue late 20s childless over-educated feminist” from Salon claims that both she and her liberal friends are all obsessed with these blogs. Blogs such as Rockstar DiariesNat the Fat Rat and NieNie Dialogues have huge online following from members of the American Left. How have these blogs gained so much traction and admiration from members of the elite American left, who live and support policies, that do not often line up with the policies and beliefs of these bloggers?

The answer to this lies in the fact that Mormon Mommy Blogs depict family life glamorously. Too often, people from either personal experience or from the media have developed a sour view of marriage, family, and children. These negative views that our culture has are unavoidable. Whether it’s the goofy father on TV to the latest report of sexual assault or the rise of out-of-wedlock childbearing, something is clearly amiss in the American family. A natural tendency of the elite feminists is to decide to avoid all the good and bad potential that a family offers, and focus on a great career and enjoy a more carefree lifestyle.

Mormon mommy blogs offer a view into a different life for these women. It displays the fantasy as a reality, which is something that the media or popular culture never depicts. Maybe it is still possible to be married, have a loving attentive husband, beautiful children, and still sport vintage dresses and a designer DIY home. The growth of single and liberal women who follow these mommy blogs reveal a deep (but never public) desire to have a happy family lifestyle and to believe that the fantasy may become a reality. When trapped in a cubicle or lab for long hours on end, the idea of throwing an astronaut themed birthday party for friends and family looks more fulfilling than the valued career they decided to take.

The choice these women have made to secretly follow Mormon mommy blogs reveal that motherhood is appealing even to the fiercest opponents of pro-family values. Maybe the fact that they secretly and voraciously read these Mommy blogs suggest that one day they will want to trade in their boxy business suits for Anthropologie dresses and a family life.

Marjorie is the leader of the NeW at UVA chapter.

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