The Private Self(ie)

September 5, 2014 | Amy Sapp


In an age of Facebook friends and Instagram likes, the collegiate woman questions her value daily. Is a woman defined by how many followers she has on Instagram? Is her worth really found in who comments on her recent status regarding her relationship?

Today, author of The Good Girl Revolution, Wendy Shalit, wrote an article entitled “The Private Self(ie).” In this article, Shalit discusses the recent hacks of well-known celebrities’ nude photos, such as Jennifer Lawrence. Shalit states:

“The pressure on girls to take sexy selfies today comes out of a culture that routinely equates modesty with shame, instead of recognizing it for what it really is: an impulse that protects what is precious and intimate.”

We as collegiate women must remember that “externalizing” private moments will take away from their unique value. As Shalit says:

Modesty is, at its essence, having an internal sense of self, not needing others’ approval of how you look (naked or otherwise) to know that you have a unique purpose in this world, and certainly not needing all your friends to “like” your Facebook post in order to know that you’re great.

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