The NeW Counter-Cultural Revolution

September 11, 2009 | NeW Staff

As I opened my campus newspaper for a leisurely read on Thursday, I was reminded again as to why I am happy to be a NeW woman.

Upon perusing page one, the event announcements, I saw the International Socialist Organization was holding a meeting to discuss “the true meaning of socialism and why we need it so badly.” Bummer, it’s too bad our NeW meeting was being held at the same time.

The opinion section held a gem of column that, yet again, satirized Sarah Palin and her health care views. Oh, and on the same page the editorial labeled Obamacare dissenters as “fear-mongerers.”

The real kicker came when I cracked open the entertainment section. A male fashion designer was holding a chic show in town, his goal: to empower women. Great, I thought, I hope all can women feel confident and beautiful! But what did he mean by empower?

“It’s important for a woman to realize that she is strong enough to take control of the situation and almost say, ‘F*** you, I’m in charge.”

If this is empowerment, then I don’t want any part of it! Saying this is not going to make me feel any more confident, and certainly not very beautiful. OK, so at this point I began to think, “Wow, if this newspaper is a reflection of UF’s campus population, we are not going to get a very large turnout at our first NeW meeting tonight.”

Boy, was I wrong. We had 32 women come! From freshmen to foreign exchange students, the women who attended our first general meeting were excited to find a network whose values resonated with their own. Other women who value true beauty and feminine strength. Women who want to talk about the truth they aren’t getting in classes or their campus newspapers.

So NeW at UF is excited for this semester to begin, and we are ready to spark a counter-cultural change on our campus!

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