“The Life of Julia”: A Political Blindfold

June 1, 2012 | Shannon

Last month, President Obama added The Life of Julia advertisement to his campaign website, letting voters know where the President stands in the so-called War on Women. Viewers get a glimpse of the every-woman Julia as she advances through grade school and then college, raises a family of her own, and then retires in her later years. Each picture gives a caption of how Obama is on the side of women, and Mitt Romney is not, due to the tax cuts he intends to make. For example, in her school years, it says

Under Mitt Romney: The Romney/Ryan budget could force steep cuts in federal funding for schools in all 50 states.

Our education system is a wreck, but the resolution is not continuing to raise funding for public schools. Research has shown that increasing the funding per student in many schools does not have the desired benefits in quality of education. Often when competition and ingenuity are fostered within students and education professionals, students prosper.

the Life of Julia introductory page.

Another example:

Under President Obama: Julia retires. After years of contributing to Social Security, she receives monthly benefits that help her retire comfortably, without worrying that she’ll run out of savings. This allows her to volunteer at a community garden.

Under Mitt Romney: Julia’s benefits could be cut by 40%.

By no means do I believe we should throw our older generations under the bus because they are too costly to society, but our Social Security and Medicare are going bankrupt. The system I am paying into with every paycheck is broken! Taxpayers have no guarantee that they will receive the retirement and healthcare benefits that have been promised them their entire lives. Yet instead of trying to come up with solutions, politics is attempting to divide our citizens — not only by political affiliation, but by gender.

“The Life of Julia” ignores the immense debt that our country is drowning in — dividing the $15.7 trillion by the U.S. population of 313.5 million, every U.S. citizen and resident owes $50,000, with that amount continuing to climb. Our economy is on the same path that European economies were on 20 years ago, and look where that has gotten them. The segment continually labels Romney as being anti-women, but ignores the bigger picture. With a stunted economy and immensely indebted country, why does it seem politicians will win the “women vote” by guaranteeing government dependency from cradle to grave? As a woman, I am on the verge of being insulted that the few issues addressed in this advertisement are apparently the only ones I care about.

War on Women? More like a war on common sense.

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