The Incredible Inappropriateness of Babies in Bars

March 4, 2010 | NeW Staff

Bar. Beer. Drinking. Tipsy. Cocktails. Baby. Which one does not belong with the others?  

It seems almost too obvious to say, but babies don’t belong in bars. Yet, some disagree. Big city bar scenes are being taken over by toddlers, and it has sparked a perplexing debate about babies in bars. Parents who like having their offspring in tow while drinking at a bar argue that being a stay-at-home parent can be isolating, and they need to socialize. What about what babies need? Would a baby enjoy being taken to bars, surrounded by strangers imbibing alcohol? Likely not. There are appropriate activities in appropriate spaces that allow both parent and child to socialize. Bars are places where adults go for drinks with their friends, make quick introductions, look for one-night stands; not places where parents play with their children. Mothers, how would you feel if your babies said their first words or took their first steps……in a bar? 

Babies in bars reflects a progressive, self-indulgent, uninhibited style of parenting. Parents who bring their babies to bars want the freedom and insouciance that come with being young and single. Parents, however, have the security and responsibility of a loving family of their own. At the end of the day, parents don’t have to wonder who they are going to come home to, and who they are going to be with. 

Mothers and fathers swapping happy meals for happy hour is the parenting culture gone amiss. Parenthood is one of the most empowering endeavors anyone can pursue. Childhood proceeds at a pace, and babies grow up in a blink. By clinging to their pre-baby past, mothers and fathers might miss out on the unique and fleeting joys of new parenthood.  
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