The Gentlemen All Around Us

March 17, 2011 | Sarah

Working so closely with the Gentlemen’s Showcase this month has made me acutely aware of the gentlemen that I encounter on a daily basis.  There is, for instance, my friend who always holds open a door for me and other women, without even thinking about it.  There are the guys who team up and pay for all the women at dinner one random Sunday evening, just because it’s a nice treat.  There is the random stranger who gives his seat to an older women on the subway without me having to suggest he do so through eye contact (something that does still have to be done from time to time).

Perhaps it seems quaint, or impractical or even detrimental to some.  I disagree.  It sets apart men in the world who are willing to put someone before themselves.  In a world that celebrates selfishness so much, it’s refreshing to celebrate something much more worthwhile.  Nominate your Gentleman here.


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