The Future of Print Journalism

March 31, 2009 | NeW Staff

In the midst of advancing technology and an unsteady economy, the newspaper journalism industry has been dramatically affected. The market for newspapers has declined tremendously in the last year especially. If you still get the morning paper, you will notice that in many instances, the papers have shrunk, sections are missing, and fewer stories are told each day. Newspaper is a dying industry, and the recent filing of bankruptcy by the Sun-Times Media Group, which owned Chicago Sun Times, is proof of that.

What is the future of the news? With new additions to media including blogs, online news sites, and even twitter, it is hard to say if newspapers will ultimately stay afloat. I have watched several of my friends with journalism degrees struggle to find job openings in any market. Time will tell how journalism will respond and what new ways this industry will find to create jobs for writers.

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