The Future for College Grads

May 14, 2009 | NeW Staff

As a recent college graduate (Go Gators!), it has been rather disheartening to see the outlook for us post-undergrads. Last year, the majority of seniors I knew had jobs waiting for them when they left school. This year, the situation has been much different; I have very few friends who even have job prospects. Certainly this is a product of the hard economic times, but nonetheless, it is incredibly discouraging.

What does this mean for us as young people? What can we do to improve our situation? How have you found your friends’ responses to the bleak job outlook?

I do believe we live in a climate of entitlement and too many young people expect jobs to be handed to them regardless of how hard they have worked. In some ways, this economic situation is a wake-up call for a majority of Americans, and hopefully it will produce a harvest of young people who recognize the need to work diligently. For those already working hard, I believe it is important to continue to persevere. Finding work and dedicating oneself to a task is noble, no matter what the job and how glamorous or unglamorous it may be. As my dad always says, “There is honor in bagging bags at the grocery.” I truly believe that, and I am encouraged in the midst of an economic crisis that no matter the job we may find to pay the bills, we still have a bright future when we are working with perseverance. This time is an opportunity not to give up but to keep plugging away; the cream always rises to the top.

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