The Flip Side

April 5, 2011 | Danelle

In my previous post, I hashed out a theory about modern day men being characterized in media and pop culture as idiots who cannot survive without women. Many commercials and TV shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond depict women as the smarter, more successful and cleaner person in the relationship with the man being goofy, clumsy, and incapable of making decisions.

In the end, I questioned why modern radical feminists have moved away from gender equality – something women fought for in the sixties and seventies – and moved towards gender superiority – the very thing women fought against.

I am not sure I can answer this question. Perhaps Second Wave Feminists feel they need to seek revenge against men of the past and their gender bias. Perhaps they truly believe men are inferior. Even though I am not confident of an answer, I think it is important to remind radical feminists that gender superiority in either gender is not something to be proud of or actively promote.

Take a look at the picture to the side. You might find this funny at first. I admit, I did. However, it plants a dangerous seed of sexism in the minds of young girls, making it OK to discriminate. It also, once again characterizes men – just because they are men – as being “stupid.”

Now take a look at this picture on the left from the mid-twentieth century. The ad was banned, but someone made it as a reflection of men and women in society. It is a husband spanking his wife because she did not buy the “fresher” brand of coffee, the smarter choice. Do you see the connection between the picture on the left and the picture on the right?

Why is it suddenly OK for women to demean men? It was never OK for men to demean women, and women overcame that through a long struggle. But I thought the struggle was for equality.

I would also argue that I think our founding mothers believed so, too.  For example, Susan B. Anthony, a key figure in women’s suffrage said:

“Men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less. “

Susan B. Anthony along with other women suffragists sought equality, not to flip the status of genders. Radical feminists of today are no better than the misogynistic men of the past. The bottom line is treat people with respect. Both of these ads – and much of what we see in pop culture – do not follow that line.

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