The Feminist Housewife

March 18, 2013 | Sarah

In this week’s New York Mag there is a lengthy feature called “The Retro Housewife.” It interviews women who define themselves as liberal and feminist, yest still choose to stay home to care for their family.

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It’s a lengthy article, and covering what is now very well-trod territory (see some of our earlier pieces about this same topic), but it goes to show that the role of women in the workplace and home is being reevaluated. Here at NeW, we have long been supporting the fact that women can and should choose the role that is right for them, and know that there are implications – both positive and negative – for each decision. While it is great to see that the message of radical feminism is being challenged, it’s not enough. Articles like this still give off a feeling of guilt, that the people who are interviewed and writing it are betraying all of womankind by suggesting that families are important.

It’s great that people are discussing the positive side of both feminism and the housewife, but until this is seen as an accepted and supported role and not an anomaly that must be studied and commented upon, then we still have a long way to go.

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