The Cultural Dependence of Independent Women

March 21, 2012 | Shannon

Just how dependent is our culture on gentlemen?

The economy has been pretty rough on new graduates. The Census Bureau found that in Philadelphia roughly half of all young adults in the city are unemployed. But 30% of the unemployed men stopped looking for jobs even before the financial crisis. This trend can be seen across the country and may give justice to the article’s title: “The Sorry Lives and Confusing Times of Today’s Young Men.”

THE WOMEN ARE IRATE. The women are talking about men, young men, the men they’d like to date and marry, and are they ever pissed.

Two  male college grades – Connor and James – shared a few thoughts on their predicament. Twenty-four year old Connor is living at home working part time as a blogger waiting for the dream job to surface. After Jame’s job out west was not stimulating enough, James – now 31 – moved back home to take a job in the family business.  Neither are completely satisfied with living at home, but they self-report that neither are being ambitious in order to change their status.

One “astonished” psychologist professor Barry Schwartz at Swarthmore College cannot relate.

My kids never came home once they left. They would have seen coming home to live as an absolute failure – the worst thing in the world.

Experts point to several possible factors to this phenomena – helicopter parents, pornography, social networking, evolving definitions of failure, and lastly… feminism.

With males making up less than their equal half as college students, Schwartz had more to say about male disengagement in academia due to the “feminization of our education system.”

Boys are told to sit down, shut up and drill to the test: if they can’t we put them on Adderall.

Women push past economic hardships due to their independence from being defined as successful, but men are shying from the bumpy work force and using video games that “sustain dominant masculine identity”  as their outlet for their desire for achievement. Kay S. Hymowitz’s opinion editorial in Wall Street Journal claimed men like James and Connor live in “pig heaven,” and women are hurdling right over the idea of marriage and heading straight to the sperm bank.

What the author Sindy Hingston clearly emphasizes is that manhood is not simply adopted in older age. And unless society starts recognizing men’s achievements instead of rewarding “bad guy” behavior and “boys will be boys” attitudes, we are going to have fewer good guys who drink responsibly and respect women.

Guys need to step up to the plate, but until women stop pushing them down and playing the blame game, the women “Who Run the World” (as Beyonce phrases it) will remain single and bitter towards their male counterparts.

The Gentleman’s Showcase is about nothing other than shifting our praise to the men that society most desperately needs. If you haven’t participated, head over to the NeW Facebook page today to vote for a young man who is still exemplifying gentlemanly behavior.

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