The Continuous Attacks on Conservative Women

April 13, 2012 | Sarah

Yesterday, social media and all the news channels were abuzz. Hilary Rosen, a Democratic consultant, insinuated that Mitt Romney’s wife Ann could not advise her husband in anything economic related because she is a stay-at-home mother. This led to a flurry of condemnation against Ms. Rosen – by both Democratic and Republican leaders – several statements from the Romney campaign, and the slogan “War on Moms.”

Rosen v. Romney

It is not surprising that there was such an outrage for an insult against a high-profile woman. What is surprising is that it has been in support of a conservative woman.

This election season has already focused strongly on women. Be it health care, the economy or taxes, the focus of these issues has revolved around women’s support and opinion. It has also led to nasty accusations that the Republican Party is fighting a “war on women.” Last month, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh called a student at Georgetown a derogative term. This led many pundits and analysts to lambaste both him and the Republican Party and continuously claim that the Republican Party is no place for women.

While this verbal assault by Mr. Limbaugh was unprofessional and unacceptable, it demonstrated the uneven support shown by the media and the government for liberal women. Conservative women are continuously attacked because they are conservative. As blogger and commentator Michelle Malkin points out, she has been called much much worse more times than she can count because of her political beliefs, yet has never received any support or public outcry. And today, S.E. Cupp notes that the outcry from yesterday’s event is far from normal, but the insult is unfortunately commonplace. Attacks like this are nothing new, especially against conservative women.

As the 2012 election continues towards November, I am sure we will see more insults, more outcry and more apologies. However, I hope that people will learn from these last few months that insults and snide remarks hinder discussion of the real issues, and keep their personal thoughts to themselves.

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