The Candidates Target Women

July 10, 2008 | NeW Staff

Today, both Barrack Obama and John McCain addressed women’s issues. Obama was in my hometown of Fairfax, Va at Robinson High School. While McCain wasn’t in Virginia today, Susan Allen, George Allen’s wife held a press conference in Fairfax as well addressing women’s issues, in support of John McCain. Susan Allen, Vellie Deitrich-Hall and the Chairwoman of the Young Republican’s of Virginia all came together to speak out on issues having to do with women.

The big issues seem to be, who will help women receive equal pay and where do the candidates stand on pro-life/ pro-choice. While Obama wants to mandate equal pay for women, McCain thinks that those issues are better handled with by negotiations between management and labor, rather than through “a big government solution.”

“That’s a stark difference between myself and Sen. Obama,” McCain said. “Sen. Obama believes that government is the answer, I believe that people are the answer. He wants government to run healthcare, I want the families to decide. He wants to raise taxes, I want to keep taxes low. We’ll be having this debate throughout America, and I wish he were standing here now so he could respond to it, but he won’t.”

While George Bush said publicly that “America is not ready to ban abortions,” McCain wishes to overturn Roe v. Wade. Clearly McCain is holding fast to his conservative values and standing strong on his stance. It’s refreshing to see someone take a position on this issue and say that they don’t believe abortion is right.

I encourage all conservative women to get involved, visit the web-site, and help get more conservative women involved.

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