The Campus Newspaper: Training Ground for Liberal Media

January 15, 2010 | NeW Staff

I hate to hate on my campus newspaper, but this week’s coverage had about as much integrity as Tiger Woods’ marriage. Let’s take a gander at the editorial highlights of the week from the Independent Florida Alligator:

Monday’s editorial, titled “Sarah Failin,” called Fox News “Faux” News and poked fun at Palin’s belief that God placed a calling on her life. The writer ends the article by saying “this
latest move has us hoping Fox’s ‘fair and balanced’ slogan means
its humor is just too sophisticated for us to figure out.” This makes me believe that yes, in fact, the editorial board does lack sophistication because they fail to see the irony of that line.

I might add that on the facing page there was a political cartoon making fun of Sarah Palin’s new position at Fox News.

I should have learned my lesson and not wasted another 10 minutes of my life scanning the paper, but on Thursday I was greeted with more extreme campus liberalism: the sex column. The Alligator has decided to occupy valuable newspaper space with the weekly “Sex Toon,” a cartoon depicting supposedly humorous plays on sex positions (if this sounds ridiculous and you don’t believe me, visit the Alligator Sex Column web page).

When I thought the page couldn’t get worse, I was proven wrong. The column at the bottom of the page was titled, “Secret Screwing is a Necessary Evil in the Dating Game.” Here is an excerpt:

“I’m sure there are some of you thinking, ‘I would never  cheat.’
But trust me, unless you’re all-knowing and all-seeing or you’re
one of those weirdos who are sober all the time, chances are that
one day you’ll be bored enough to do something cruel yet delicious…”

Note: I didn’t even finish this quote because its too graphic.

I’m sure there is a large contingent of UF students who think there is something wrong with this, which is why NeW’s presence on campus is so important. Because obviously the student newspaper isn’t promoting intellectual diversity and meaningful information.

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