The Bachelor: Lions, Tigers and Bachelorettes, O my!

March 2, 2011 | Elizabeth

This week’s The Bachelor episode opened up with a serious tone. Themes of a time for concern, protection, insecurity and a time to take it to the next level were thrown out in the first few minutes.

It was also time for a safari!

Chantal had a picnic with safari with lions and giraffes, a picnic with hippos and a fantasy suite in a tree with Brad on the first date of the South Africa Bachelor adventure. She said that the safari gave her a sense of fear…but it was a metaphor for their relationship. She was scared…and she felt that Brad had to protect her..and he did. She knew, that he would and could protect her outside of the jungle after that experience. 🙂 She also had something to say about love:

Love is more than a feeling…I want what’s best for him.

Further, at dinner they talked about getting engaged and getting married and Chantal expressed that if she was getting engaged…it meant she was getting married, engagement didn’t mean an in between period where you get to really decide if they are the one.

After that, it was time to ride some elephants…with Emily.

She lost her fiance a few years ago and has a 5 year old daughter named after him, ‘Ricky’. Emily took a bold step by telling Brad she loved him…something she never thought she could do again in the near future.

After that…it was time for a helicopter ride!

This was actually the saddest date, and the date that resonated with me the most. On his date with Ashley, who wants to finish dental school and open a practice, Brad raised serious questions about how their lives could fit together. How could his life…in Austin, mesh with her life and her ambitious goals and dreams?

Ultimately, Brad realized they couldn’t mesh. They weren’t in the same time in their lives. He had had that point of working all the time…and it seemed like she was just in it and not ready to get out of it. I could see myself in her shoes, a woman who is ambitious but wants to have a family so bad…it’s hard to figure out how it will all mesh..and who it will mesh with.

What do you think about that?

So, the trip hit a few bumps along the road…and now there are 2 gorgeous women left. Brad let the ambitious side deter him from picking one of the bachelorettes..what’s going to make his final decision? The finale is set to air on Monday March 14 at 8pm after the reunion show next week. You won’t want to miss either…to find out what happens!

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