The Anti-Lady: College Edition

April 7, 2011 | Danelle

Most people know the Anti-Lady. She comes in a variety of forms, and does one or all of the following: She spits, she belches out loud, she swears like a sailor, drinks like a sailor, she objectifies herself, she ditches friends to go home with someone else, and worst of all, she either takes advantage of and/or aims to destroy gentlemen.

Wondering where she came from? The media, men, and let us not forget to give credit to the head architect, e.g. radical feminists of the 21st century.

First and foremost, radical feminists helped bring the Anti-Lady into existence. These feminists of today have no interest in promoting women to be themselves. Instead, they promote women to be like men. And the worst type of man – the Anti-Gentleman – which I wrote about a few entries ago.

I certainly do not object to women having different lifestyles. I, for one, am no June Cleaver (though I do own a vintage dress similar to one of hers). For example, I target shoot, I can lift weights over 100 pounds, I love pearl jewelry, and I love baking.  All of those things are a part of who I am – some may be stereotypically feminine; some may be stereotypically masculine. The notion of “being yourself” is not what I am talking about when it comes to what radical feminists promote.

Radical feminists sneer at girls wearing pearls, girls who like shopping, girls who like baking—the list could go on and on of anything stereotypically feminine. Rather than promoting a message to “be who you are,” they promote women to be more like a man—more accurately, an Anti-Gentleman – with poor manners. Cuss, drink, spit, have one-night stands, and reject any and all types of civility or self-respect.

It was out of Second Wave Feminism that the Anti-Lady was born. She is supposedly free – free to hook-up with guys and not be emotionally attached; something studies show to be close to impossible biologically for women to do. (See this article by Steven E. Rhodes, a professor at the University of Virginia.) Also, she is free to act like herself, which in a feminist’s mind, is limited to acting like an Anti-Gentleman.

Men just reinforce this behavior. Gentlemen were quick to drop in number after the Anti-Lady appeared. She could be just like an Anti-Gentleman: hang out with him at the bars, swear, drink, spit, and could also dress like a man desires a woman to dress and do the things a man desires a woman to do. The Anti-Lady was the perfect partner for the Anti-Gentleman: he could use her as an object of his desires and not have to respect her as someone with dignity and feelings, say, a fellow human being.

Media, of course, made the Anti-Lady a celebrity and a model for young women everywhere. Examples are found in shows like “Jersey Shore,” “Real World,” and “Gossip Girl” to name a few.

How do we help the Anti-Lady?  Enlighten her through NeW and more importantly, lead by example. Be polite. Be courteous. Be kind. Be confident of yourself. Also show her that the life an Anti-Lady lives is not one that gains respect (do the guys on “Jersey Shore” really respect the girls?). The only thing the life of an Anti-Lady gains is disrespect, low self-esteem, and “trainwreck” behavior. Hopefully then the Anti-Lady will see that being a lady is a lot better than the alternative. She will not only be treated better, she will also get respected for her personality, not for how many points she gets playing beer pong.

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