The 2009 Gentlemen of ASU: Erik Naylor

February 24, 2010 | NeW Staff

Erik Naylor
Business Management Junior
Hometown: Tucson, AZ

What is your passion, life-goal or dream job?

For the longest time I wanted to be a professional soccer player, but due to injuries that aspiration has faded. But I still really love soccer with a passion, even though it is not the purpose of my life any more. I desire to live for Christ and do whatever is God’s plan. Right now that means being a missionary and student at ASU. My dream is to be a missionary somewhere in South or Central America.

Name and describe a particular man who was a role model and an influence for you in developing character and becoming a gentleman.

When I was a junior in high school, I became friends with a man named Nate Heart. He was a young man, about 26. and my youth minister at church. I saw in him what a real man was. The things I noticed were courage, humility and love. Nate always put other people’s interest above his own and made time to hear what everyone had to say. Nate was confident in who he was and didn’t care about what other people might think; he knew his identity. What I admire most about Nate is that I see a real man of God in him, and that is a rare thing to find.

What kind of reaction do you get from people when you do gentlemanly things?

A gentlemanly thing is to love other people more than yourself, that is, putting their needs before your own. This is rare in our society where we are often driven by ‘what can I get out of this?’ The reaction I often receive after doing something kind is the question, ‘Why? Why are you acting as a friend to me when we don’t know each other?’ The love of Christ which pours out of me and other Jesus followers often shocks people because the love that comes from God is unmeasurable.

If you are a gentleman, what would you consider a lady to be?

Women say it is hard to find a ‘good guy,’ and I would agree, but a respectable lady is also a rare find. A true lady is someone that knows her identity and isn’t trying to create one. A lady is a woman that knows she is beautiful and valuable and isn’t going to chase ‘boys’ or find her worth in her outer appearance.

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