Sweet Home Alabama: Southern Gentlemen v. City Slickers

July 26, 2011 | Karin

Have you seen the advertisements for or watched a new reality dating show called Sweet Home Alabama? Yes, another reality dating show.  It started airing on CMT this summer.  I was intrigued when I saw that the advertisements praised gentlemen.  Here is the series summary:

Ten “city slickers” and 10 “country” guys are vying for the affections of Devin Grissom, a sweet Southern girl from Alabama. In order to win her heart, the bachelors from across the country compete in challenges to win time with the Southern beauty. In each one-hour episode, Devin says goodbye to more of her suitors in the hopes of finding her true love and someone her family approves.

Devin is still in college, so she is younger than the last few Bachelorettes.  She reminds me of a number of friends in college:

Devin Grissom

Devin Grissom

Devin Grissom is a student at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Raised in Cordova, Tenn., Devin considers herself a southern belle who values and respects the traditions of the south. A huge sports fan, Devin spends her Saturdays in the fall watching SEC football games and hopes to pursue a public relations career in professional sports. Devin’s parents were high school sweethearts, still married for 34 years, and she aspires to have a relationship like theirs and settle down at a young age.

The first 3 shows have aired.  Episode 1 summary:

Devin, a beautiful young Southern belle, begins her search for love by meeting 20 eligible suitors. Ten of them are traditional Southern gentlemen, and the other 10 are city slickers, who have come to the country with the intention of stealing her heart. The cultures clash in the house as the competition begins and rivalries emerge. Four potential suitors are dropped from contention.

Episode 2 summary:

Lightning fills the sky and tension mounts in a house full of 16 potential suitors. The romance heats up as the private dates begin. A huge fight erupts in the house when a city guy tries to take over the country guy’s grill. Two more potential suitors are sent away rejected.

Episode 3 summary:

Devin takes the guys to a cattle farm for a day of roping, and the city guys struggle with the farm life. Romantic dates take place on a rolling meadow and scenic Orange Beach and under the stars in downtown Fairhope, Ala. One of the men breaks down after learning a rival has a deeper connection with Devin. Four more potential suitors are sent home.

While the show sounds entertaining, I question the division of Southern gentlemen and city slickers.  Just because some of the men are from the city, doesn’t mean they can’t be gentlemen.  We have learned about gentlemen from all over the country during NeW’s Gentlemen’s Showcase.

Here is the cast.  Any of them sound like gentlemen to you? Is anyone watching the show?  Some people must be watching it because the Sweet Home Alabama CMT show Facebook page has over 22,000 likes.

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