Stop Feminizing Men

May 5, 2010 | NeW Staff

Men and women are different.  I think we can all agree on that.  So why do so many keep trying to blur the gender line? According to an article on Daily Mail, scientists have developed a spray to make men more sensitive, affectionate, and “in tune with their feelings.”  By using oxytocin, a hormone that is involved in labor and breast feeding, scientists believe this new spray will help men feel more empathy.  

But what are the dangers of men becoming more sympathetic and in touch with their feminine?  Is this what women want and need?  According to the article,

“It is unclear how long the effects of the spray last–meaning men might no longer be relied on to put up shelves, remove spiders and change fuses in times of need.”

Sure, we could all use more empathy.  Men and women can certainly improve how they interact with each other.  But, in my opinion, the way to do this is not by feminizing men.  It is by promoting mutual respect, recognizing sex differences and embracing them, and encouraging men to be men and women to be women.  Women and men must work on how they communicate with each other in order to better interact.  Is “macho-ness” in men necessarily a bad thing?  I truly believe that men and women compliment each other with their unique gender traits of masculinity and femininity, respectively.

Trying to feminize men, as this spray intends, is blatant disregard for the sex differences that make women and men unique.  Instead of trying to make men more like women, men and women should both work to understand each other better.  
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