Stimulus Bill Descriminatory?

February 5, 2009 | NeW Staff

The  stimulus bill passed by the House pledges  $6 billion to higher education, but will not provide for schools which allow “religious worship” . Now, I’m all for cutting spending where ever possible, but it does warrant a second look when the cuts specifically seek out religious activity. The bill also blocks schools with a department of divinity from receiving funding. This may sound legitimate, but remember, our very first universities founded in the United States, such as Harvard, had departments of divinity.  Still, it may be fair to not have tax-payer dollars  fund these explicitly religious departments. However, it seems in our haste to not discriminate against different faiths, we
often forget that this country was initially populated by those seeking
religious freedom. Simply
allowing religious worship excludes an institution from receiving funding. Merely on the grounds of the First Amendment, is this stipulation out of line?

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