#ShesConservative 2017 Essay Contest: Win $1,000

September 7, 2017 | Ericka

Last year, you wow-ed us with your essays and thoughts on why being a conservative woman was important to you. We now have even more members of NeW – and conservative women are making a difference on campuses and in the professional world across the country.

This year, we’re asking you this: What makes you tick as a conservative? What issues stand out to you and make conservatism most important in your life? Who is your conservative role model and why? What has helped shape the values in your life? Tell us YOUR #ShesConservative inspiration! Everyone who enters will be eligible to win a grand prize of $1,000!

Submit your essays HERE by September 27th!

Direct link:

If you don’t write an essay, but participate in this year’s #ShesConservative campaign on social media by using the hashtag and tagging @NewNetwork, you’ll still be entered to win a trip to Washington, DC for our anniversary dinner! So there’s no reason no to join us this year in spreading the good word about why conservative women aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Get started HERE!

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